Hello, World?

Hello and welcome to the blog with the least original first post title for a programming-related blog. Over the course of numerous posts, I hope to go from embedded newbie to writing an extremely bare-bones OS kernel for my Raspberry Pi 3.

Though writing a kernel is the end goal, the first few posts will simply1 be about bare-metal programming on the Raspberry Pi 3 (of which there are surprisingly few blogs).2

I would also like to make it clear that these posts won’t be tutorials per-se, just documenting my progress into the embedded world. Though if they help anyone out in the process, I’ll be more than happy!

I’ll finish this introductory post with links to the blogs which have inspired me to start writing this one :)

  1. Hah, it will not be simple. 

  2. There are plenty for the Raspberry Pi 2, but as we will see, there are key differences early on.